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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Thanksgiving Message

Dear Friends:

A group of WWII veterans and their spouses visited my theater last week. Many of these veterans had been POWs and had suffered greatly preserving our freedoms. I was honored to have them attend my show and afterwards we visited. Here's a picture of me and the group.

Thanksgiving Message

Here in Branson we celebrate the service of these heroes throughout the year and during November we have a special Veterans Homecoming Week. We're blessed to see many different Americans who have given all of us the opportunity to live in freedom and prosperity. I love seeing the happiness on their faces. Looking at the variety of faces that contain such joy, strength, and determination to live free, always makes me feel wonderful and I say, "What A Country!"

During this week of Thanksgiving, I wanted to give special thanks to these true heroes and those heroes who are serving our country right now. We are blessed to have brave men and women who have sacrificed and who are sacrificing themselves; so that we can enjoy our families in peace.

To those of you who have served our country in the military, government, or other capacities - Thank You! And please give those in your family, and those of your friends, who have served also, a big Thank You from me - a grateful citizen of these United States!

Love and Laughter,


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