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Monday, January 1, 2007

Smirnoff For The Soul

Dear Friends:

This is an exciting time for me here in Branson, Missouri. I have just finished writing my newest book "Smirnoff For The Soul", and I wanted you to be the first to know!

This book is filled with true life-changing encounters that have inspired me as I searched to find the true meaning of freedom and happiness in my new home in America. It conveys life lessons I have learned from speechwriting for President Reagan, dating Brooke Shields, renting my first home, rooming with Andrew Dice Clay, breaking Red Skelton's hip, and many others. These experiences have paved a path for me to begin to understand the true meaning of happiness.

I've been blessed with many angels -- even though some of them look more like Jack Nicholson than Charlie's Angels. In this book, you'll find out how all of dear people have helped me learn the secrets of love and laughter.

"Smirnoff For The Soul" is at the printers right now and is expected to arrive within 6 weeks. I want to give you the opportunity to purchase this book in advance at a very special price.

As my e-mail friend, this is a special offer which gives you both a huge discount and the chance to order the book before it is available at my gift shop. You can even listen to an excerpt from my book read by me. Just click on the link below. All the details of the special offer are also below.

When you read this book, I hope this "100 proof pure wisdom gift-wrapped in laughter" inspires you on your journey through life.

Until we talk again...much love and laughter,

"Smirnoff For The Soul"
Apprx. 250 pgs, Hardcover
Regular price $24.95
Your price only $15.95

Click here to listen to Yakov read a chapter from "Smirnoff For The Soul"

You may order as many copies as you like.
To order your book, just click here or call
1-866-55YAKOV (1-866-559-2568).
Please tell the operator when you place your order that you are one of Yakov's Special E-mail Friends.


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